This contemporary sculpture comprises a steel box sectioned upright pole, a precision mechanical head and four red tablets, all finely balanced so they stand up in windless condtions, giving the sculpture an overall height of 7 metres above the ground.

When the wind blows, the four red tablets move independently in an infinitely variable series of twists and rotations.

Phil Price’s outdoor kinetic sculptures are all finely crafted and built of the finest materials to last and be resilient in extreme outdoor conditions. FLIP is a unique sculpture for Taupo and now joins the many sculptures that Phil Price has located in other towns and cities both in New Zealand and Australia. Other examples of work by Phil Price include ‘Zephrometer ‘ and ‘Protoplasm’ in Wellington, and ‘Cytoplasm’ in Auckland

A joint commission in 2010 by the Taupo Sculpture Trust, and Taupo District Council. With funding from Mike Todd, Jenny Todd and Taupo District Council.


Born in Nelson, New Zealand, in 1965, Phil Price was educated at Christchurch then specialized in sculpture at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts, graduating in 1990. He worked initially as an Artist’s technical assistant and then in a variety of positions in the art world, in education and in composite engineering. Price’s sculptures have a reputation for unique and innovative use of contemporary materials and processes.

Since 2000 New Zealand born Phil Price has focused on wind activated kinetic sculpture. He is regarded as the foremost kinetic sculptor of his generation, with his work being widely acknowledged for its breath- taking beauty, evocation of the natural world, and extraordinary design.

His use of carbon fibre composite construction is unparalleled with regard to the synergy he is able to achieve between form and kinetic functionality. The sculptures evolve from the artist’s intimate drawings and concepts, through to computer generated digital renderings and animations, to fully realised sculptures.

Designed to withstand extremes of climate and temperature, the sculptures have been successfully installed everywhere from fierce coastal situations to busy urban environments and everywhere in between.