Dog Head Hill draws inspiration from topographic mapping and the contours found in nature, it playfully explores the friction and beauty found in the contrast of positive and negative space, hard stone with soft flowing lines, perfection and imperfection.

crafted from Shanxi black granite, this piece reflects a fractured boulder which has been sculpted and etched by flowing rivers and rocky outcrops creating soft ripples across its hard surface. The sculpture has a heavy, solid presence from some angles, while giving the illusion of airy weightlessness from others.

Like many of Louise’s works Dog Head Hill has an elegance and presence that evokes the gentle power of nature, an ode to its ever changing yet always familiar form.

Black granite/stainless steel/1200 x 930 x 930mm

Generously funded by Westerman Property Solutions, and Taupo District Council.


Born in Pahiatua and pursuing an education in craft and design in both the Hawkes Bay and Rotorua, Louise Purvis is now a renowned New Zealand sculptor based in Auckland.

Her primary mediums are stone and metal, however she has also worked with a number of other mediums including marble, bone, clay as well as other objects commonly found in nature.

Since 1990 Louise has been exhibiting on a regular basis both solo as well as at symposiums around the country.